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Meth Residue Testers

We come to you with scientific tests designed to identify harmful methamphetamine residues.

We swab areas in rooms where the chemicals might be present. The process is quick and inconspicuous (the neighbours won’t know what’s happening), we take the samples away and have the results back to you the same day!

Meth Manufacturer or Usage?

Whether a property has been used to manufacture methamphetamine or whether it has been occupied by a user of meth, the results may amount to contamination that needs to be addressed. It is important that as an owner occupier or a landlord that you have screened your property to determine if harmful levels of methamphetamine exist there.

In New Zealand we are told that below 0.5µg/100cm² is a safe level to live with. If you accept this level and would like fast screening of your property we can perform a series of scientific tests that will give you a YES/NO answer within just a few hours. If you are not happy to accept any level of methamphetamine contamination or wish to clarify results from another type of test, we can take samples for rigorous laboratory analysis to determine exact levels of methamphetamine residue present (if any). These tests can take from just a few days to a week depending on cost.

Who Are We?

Residue Testing NZ is a group of trained franchisees capable of offering you independent and professional testing at affordable rates. All our people have been trained in the major techniques of sampling and analysis. With over four years in the meth testing business we have seen all the possible scenarios and can advise on the right type of screening for your property.

Your local techinician is only interested in providing accurate and timely information so you can make a decision whether it be to buy, rent or sell a property. We can also quickly check your vehicle or your company’s assets for the tell-tale residues of methamphetamine use.

We have no stake in the outcome of the test so we are able to offer you truly independent testing.

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We do not undertake clean-ups or remediation so our advice will be independent at all times. We can provide you with all necessary tests and retests once work has been done. You don’t need to panic but you should definitely test.