We are often asked what signs are there when we arrive at a meth contaminated property to conduct a test. Unfortunately there is no sure way other than taking swabs and testing the samples but there are a few things that you could look out for:

  1. Bottles of chemicals or empty bottles often are hard to dispose-of so are dumped around the property.
  2. Corrosion on floors and walls where chemicals have been spilled.
  3. Holes in walls or ceilings to provide crude ventilation.
  4. Power cables and water pipes running to sheds or under houses.
  5. Camera mounts on eaves and walls.

Neighbours often know about clandestine lab activity but need to be pressed for information as they are often too scared to volunteer what they have seen.

Also we are often told that a property has only been used for production of hydroponic cannabis when in fact it tests positive for methamphetamine. Also children’s bedrooms and toys is not a sign that everything is ok, we have attended many former labs where children lived amongst the fumes and volatile processes.

Spot Signs of Meth Usage

This is considerably more difficult as meth usage alone does not create the mess and by-products that manufacture does. Also neighbours or even flatmates may not know that someone has been smoking methamphetamine in their bedroom. The only way to know for certain is to have the house tested. There usually no pungent smell or fumes to tip them off.

What we do know is that people who use meth start to show the signs and sometimes family members look back and realise that they probably could have read them sooner.

People who use meth tend to get very dry mouths and need to drink a lot of fluids. The saliva-drying effects of meth make teeth yellow and rotten. Habitual users also develop lesions on their skin which they pick at. Some meth users however are able to work and are often extremely productive; this differs greatly from the junkies of old.

A quick screening test for methamphetamine residues is the best way to find out if you have a problem or not. Book a test with one of our skilled testers today.

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We do not undertake clean-ups or remediation so our advice will be independent at all times. We can provide you with all necessary tests and retests once work has been done. You don’t need to panic but you should definitely test.